Software Engineering

What do you expect from a company which developes and manufactures DSP systems ?
System reability ? A must. DSP performance ? Of course. Convenient prices ? Ok. But how to benifit from MFLOPS and MIPS if you have to spend months of man power writing software in order to fit the DSP system into your environment ?

To cover this point we spent months to write device drivers and development tools for our DSP boards. For several hardware platforms, for popular operating systems and in fact: for you !

By creating the device drivers we went through all the ups and downs and therefore we exactly know what kind of development tools you need for a clean and quick start of your application.

Key Benefits

  • Runtime optimized assembler code for DSPs
  • Analog Devices DSP ADSP2106x (SHARC)
  • DSP diagnostic and development tools
  • Customized programming support
  • Device Driver Development