SHARC IO-Pack Specification for use with the PCI-WS3112 and VME-WS2126.

The reason for SHARC IO-Pack modules is the need for having a well suited customizable i/o module at front panel level for the high integrated SHARC DSP. Once the base-boards is well defined like our PCI or VME cards, you can customize your application at a low price level, because the interfaces are clear and easy to handle. This results in low budget NRE costs and fast time to market solutions. With such background SHARC IO-Pack solutions makes our SHARC cluster an ideal canditate for OEM applications. The boards are specialy designed for such type of use.

Key Benefits

  • all SHARC links available
  • all SHARC sio's available
  • SHARC flag lines available
  • SHARC irq's available
  • global trigger lines
  • predecoded memory range
  • 32 bit data path
  • Customized logic at low cost


Ws9002 is an differential receiver link module featuring:

  • 6 bidirectional differential driven SHARC links
  • full link speed at approx. 15 m / each channel
  • approx. 15 Mbyte/s at approx. 40 m / each channel
  • software configurable direction



Ws9010 is a Size 1 ADC SHARC IO-Pack

  • 8 analog input channels with filter
  • SAR 12 bit ADC with multiplexer input for 8 input channels
  • ADC Throughput 100 KSamples/s
  • Programmable input range +5V, ±5V, +10V and ±10V
  • FIFO, 256 words deep with programmable threshold
  • ADC parallel data to SHARC link data format converter
  • ADC Control signals on front panel
  • 12 bit parallel input port
  • 12 bit parallel output port
  • The ADC WS9010 is a size 1 SHARC IO-Pack and dedicated to one SHARC DSP


WS9020 is a Size 1 general I/O SHARC IO-Pack featuring:

  • 16 Bit digital input (32-Bit and/or output on request)
  • User configurable (PAL 16V8) Interface
  • Throughput Rate 20 MByte/s @ 16 Bit
  • Block DMA transfers on SHARC link via threshold programmable fifo possible


WS9080 is a Size 1 DSP SHARC IO-Pack featuring:

  • Three 16 Bit memory mapped ADSP-2185 DSPs, for generall purpose use
  • Interfacing to SHARC via SIO Pipe (TDM channeling) and a second broadcast (one way only) SIO
  • All SHARC Links available at the front end connector
  • Useable as R,G,B histogramming module