Hardware Engineering

With years of experience on TMS, AT&T, Motorola and Analog Devices DSPs we are able to realize a fast and reliable know how transfer to you.

Our focus is the development of fast digital data acquisition systems. Modern digital signal processors (DSPs) are very often the core of our hardware solutions. By using modern design tools we meet your requirements in an efficient design process with short development cycles. Modular designs, the use of programmable logic and our mentality, also to think of unconventional solutions if necessary, gives our design service enough flexibility to realize your "last minute requirements" within a project.

Key Benefits

  • Bussystems: PCI/PMC, VME
  • Schematic Entry / Layout with Mentor Grafics NT based station
  • Multilayer PCB design
  • PCB designs with conrolled impedances
  • Fast analog designs such as Flash ADC systems
  • Design of programmable logic with Lattice, ALTERA and XILINX
  • ISO 9001 certified pcb manufacturing
  • In house assembly
  • Product support for years
  • SCCS based project- and documentation flow